"When people start asking you to do the same thing over and over again, that's when you know you're way too close to something that you don't want to be near."

- Neil Young



Getting a bigger bang for your buck from your accountant

What would you do if you found an accounting firm that was totally dedicated to the future growth and prosperity of your business?

How would you feel if you knew you could call your CPA any time and get easy access to a straight talking, no-nonsense professional?

What would it be like to have a clear set of goals for your business, truly understand the link between your strategy, your actions and the results that filter through to your financial statements?

Well, now you can find out first-hand, by talking to us. We are all about adding value to our clients, and we'd like to have the opportunity to do the same for you.

You see, virtually anyone can complete a tax return for you, and if that's all you need, then usually H & R Block is the best place to go.

Virtually anyone could produce a set of financial statements from your accounting records. So if that's all you want, and you're not too bothered about quality, then there are many other firms you could be talking to.

But, if you want to get a bigger bang for your buck when it comes to your accounting and tax situation, then we really should be talking.

The way you use your CPA firm determines what benefits you enjoy from the relationship. You could use us as simply the 'year-end guys' and sit down together once a year to chat about the financial performance of your business and the tax issues arising, but that would be such a waste.

You could use us as a sounding board for new ideas, expansion plans, and more, and you would be making some progress.

But the best way to use us would be to involve us in every step of your business journey.

That's when it starts to get really interesting for you, and coincidently, it's also when you start to benefit the most.

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